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Last Log for Jira – Troubleshooting easier than ever [incl. Video]

Last Log for Jira – Troubleshooting easier than ever [incl. Video]


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The key to troubleshooting in Jira

Administrators rely on logs as an indispensable tool for troubleshooting problems. Whether a feature in Jira is behaving unexpectedly, an application is failing, or the entire system is slow or unresponsive, logs serve as the primary source for investigating and resolving these challenges.

Last Log for Jira is designed to make your life as a Jira administrator easier and more efficient. Troubleshooting in Jira does not work without analyzing the corresponding Jira log files from time to time, or rather, depending on the error. However, getting access to the Jira logs can be a pain. Not every admin can access the Jira log file location and download the logs via SFTP. With Last Log for Jira, you don't need access or prior knowledge to start troubleshooting your Jira log files.

Get a first-hand introduction to Last Log for Jira from our Jira expert Marcel and learn how to access Jira logs in less than 15 minutes.

A short introduction to Jira log files

Jira logs each individual process in individual, purpose-built files. These files can help Jira administrators to understand certain processes and to solve or address various problems that may occur in Jira. Performance issues or specific functionality issues can be quickly identified by analyzing the Jira log file.

In general, there are 5 different log levels documented in Jira. Each level provides individual logging information, and the information increases with each level. These are currently the five log levels in Jira:

  • INFO
  • WARN

Top 5 Useful Jira logs

Depending on the problem a Jira administrator is trying to solve, Jira logs may be the perfect place to start. In preparation for your initial steps into troubleshooting and error-handling in Jira log files we’ve listed a few useful Jira logs. These logs might help you to find or further investigate common issues in Jira.

  • atlassian-jira.log*: Is the primary log file in Jira. Includes logging for much of Jira, including logs that are not explicitly documented elsewhere.
  • atlassian-jira-incoming-mail.log*: Debug logs for incoming mail, activated only when the Incoming Mail Debug option is enabled.
  • atlassian-jira-slow-queries.log*: Captures JQL queries and their sources for executions surpassing the default threshold of 400 milliseconds.
  • atlassian-jira-perf.log*: Generates performance statistics about the current Jira process.
  • atlassian-jira-security.log*: Logs instances of successful or failed logon transactions, session initiation and termination, and, if enabled, specific authentication-related debug information.

These logs can be a good starting point for finding the bug you're looking for. However, depending on the problem at hand, you may need to check several different log files to understand the problem and provide a solution.

A little insight into Last Log for Jira

  • Sleek and modern: Our new user interface is designed to be visually appealing to ensure that time spent in Last Log is productive and enjoyable.
  • Intuitive navigation: We've simplified log file browsing so it's easier than ever to find what's needed. No more long searches for log files or digging through menus.

Last Log for Jira was built with the goal of simplifying log management in Jira for every Jira administrator. To achieve this goal, we've focused on a very simple and clear structure and user interface. The right sidebar contains all Jira logs in individual containers, so you can always access and investigate the right Jira log. With the top navigation bar you have all the setup and filtering options you could want to properly dive into the log and troubleshoot as efficiently as possible with features like

  • Advanced filters: Dive deep into your logs with additional filtering options. Find the information you need faster and more accurately by filtering by log levels, users, specific time periods, or a combination of these criteria.
  • Instant access: Forget the hassle of server access to download or browse log files. With Last Log, you can access application logs within the administration interface, eliminating unnecessary steps or additional authentication.

Why should Last Log for Jira be in every admin's toolbox?

Last Log for Jira should be in every Jira administrator's toolbox for one very important reason: efficiency! Once Jira is implemented into the structure and processes of an organization, regardless of size, it becomes one of the most important tools. Communicating, documenting, automating or planning are all part of working within Jira. But what happens when Jira goes down? Work stops, and that's a fundamental problem.

That's why efficient error handling and troubleshooting is a key concern of a good Jira administrator. With Last Log for Jira, logging and troubleshooting has never been easier or more efficient. Want to see for yourself how efficient Last Log for Jira is? Watch our Jira expert Marcel's short 10 minute introduction to Last Log.

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