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SAS Visual Analytics

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SAS Visual Analytics

Für Analysten und Entscheider: Den Überblick mit einem Klick

Sie sind Marketing-Profi oder Fachanwender im Unternehmen und haben weder Zeit noch Ressourcen, um sich mühevoll IT-Kenntnisse anzueignen?
Dann könnten Sie zur Zielgruppe von SAS Visual Analytics (VA) gehören! Die In-Memory-Lösung wurde speziell zur Analyse und Visualisierung von Big Data konzipiert - und zwar Anwender- statt Entwickler orientiert. Mit ihr erkennen Analysten und Entscheider problemlos Muster und Zusammenhänge in großen Datenmengen. Ergebnisse können weiter untersucht und über Web Reports oder Tablets an Kollegen und Partner kommuniziert werden. Und all dies überraschend schnell und sehr anschaulich grafisch aufbereitet.

Seit März 2013 ist die Decadis AG für SAS Visual Analytics einer von deutschlandweit wenigen Fokus-Partnern von SAS. Sprechen Sie uns an!




Know exactly what‘s what!
How successful are your products right now? Is your new marketing-campaign bringing in results? Important questions, not just for the Chief Marketing Officer and the professional colleagues, on which VA provides clear answers. This, in turn, helps the marketing department with planning and controlling. And furthermore, you can illustrate your own contribution to the company’s success, in a transparent and attractive way – so everyone knows what’s what!
VA is for everyone!
Sure, „Big Data“ is one of the big buzzwords. Thankfully, VA by SAS is extremely scalable, not just for the bulk and depth of data that needs to be processed, the number of users, and anything that relates to the size of the company and the primary issues. With its analytic competence, the well-established BI-application possibilities, the visual data exploration and, as mentioned, its scalability and performance, VA can add much value to businesses and companies and many different branches.

Optimize the process of decision with style!

This is how Analytics is done today! VA offers its users a lot – four big advantages are especially relevant:
  • Data of any size can easily be analyzed and evaluated
  • Results are visualized informative and visually attractive
  • High-Performance thanks to a powerful In-Memory-Architecture
  • The Output is done flexibly on all relevant channels and devices

Support the visual data exploration

  • New insights. (Even) for non-statisticians relations are shown visually appealing and animated, information that otherwise would have been hidden..
  • Easy control. Huge amounts of data can be examined easily and quickly, without any IT-Knowledge (e.g. intelligent graph adjustments)..
  • A high amount of freedom. Analyses happen on the basis of huge chunks of raw data. Time-consuming processing by the IT (keyword: OLAP) is omitted.
  • Local Data. Quick and easy incorporation of local sources of data. This further increases the speed of the analytic process.

Profound possibilities of BI-application

  • Diverse Reporting-Functions. Attractive/Appealing interactive Reports, KPI’S and Dashboards can be created with little need for training (Precision layout).
  • Self-Service approach. Professional Departments can easily and without the need for IT-Support create and distribute reports.
  • Mobile BI. Finished reports, animations etc. are easily and quickly distributed via Web or Mobile.
  • One-BI. VA is a single solution that is applicable to Web frontends, iPad’s and Android-Devices; distribution to other platforms is likewise possible.

Performance and Scalability included

  • Highest Performance. Powerful In-Memory-Architecture (SAS LASR Analytical Server) with innovative user interface.
  • Simple entry point. Installation, training, usage, and operation of the software is simple (5-8 days until productive usage).
  • KCost-efficient infrastructure. Usage of Intel-based server (HP, Dell, IBM, Cisco and more).
  • Unlimited scalability. From simple single-machine to Blade-Architectures with dozens of server.

Analytical Competence with the touch of a button

  • Analytics simple as never before. Reach new users and new scenarios with analytics.
  • Discover new relations. Fast calculation of many correlations in huge amounts of date supports an iterative, searching procedure.
  • Better prognosis. Automatic selection of the most fitting model, allows even non-statisticians elaborated prognosis.
  • Accelerating the analytical life-cycle. Optimal support in formulating problems, preparation and exploration of data and monitoring.