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SAS Integrated Marketing Management

Modern Customer Intelligence (CI) is a wide field with many segments. Our partner SAS brings together an entire product family under its Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) unit. All members understand and complement each other well, which has many advantages: Our customers get exactly the support they need right now, and they can flexibly retrofit other modules as needed at a later date. We have made a lot of good project experience with the "Family Members" of the "Coordination and Interaction" line.

From the field of "coordination and interaction," this solution is from our point of view one of the "Big Daddies"! A well thought-out software - with specially tailored surfaces for marketing, and process models that can automate, control, and reproduce any desired workflow. Using graphical controls, the campaign manager defines target groups, prioritizes selection criteria, and selects the communication channels using drag-and-drop. He executes the campaigns with one mouse click and analyzes their success. Planning and implementation are child's play.
Real optimization: Faster, smarter and more efficient. Success in marketing depends on many conditions. But to what extent does this impact in individual cases? This is where mathematical optimizations come into play (instead of mere guesswork). Too frequent or too infrequent customer approach, or the overdraft of the advertising budget - such typical problems are avoided with this solution. Instead, the customer contact strategy is geared towards combinable factors such as channel capacities, contact rules or minimum returns.
Optimize decisions in inbound marketing on high-traffic channels. With this analytical real-time support, companies choose the right course of action for each customer contact. Decision logics depict the criteria relevant to specific questions. The analytics, on the other hand, model parameters such as customer value, propensity to buy, emigration or credit risk and derive logical recommendations from this. This is how companies maximize the success of their inbound communication. There will no longer be any guesswork, on what the customer wants.
High complexity in today's customer relationship management meets increasing financial justification pressure in marketing and CRM. Thus, the goal must be: to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns alike. This is achieved with the specialist solutions and sophisticated technologies of the SAS IMM family. It is about valuable and lasting customer dialogues, which are closely interlinked with the corporate strategy. All partial solutions from SAS IMM provide a consolidated view of all customer information on the one hand and deep analytical insights for customer-specific campaigns and processes on the other. The profit promise: measurable success in marketing efficiency, new customer acquisition, cross-selling, and customer loyalty.
It's about controlling risk, maximizing profits, gaining greater shareholder value - all in all, ensuring sustainable competitive advantage. But how can SAS IMM help - for example, insurance companies? Four aspects:
  • Marketing automation and optimization. The analytic intelligence secures decisions and automates the process from information gathering to the individual customer approach. All channels benefit from this: intermediaries, agencies, Internet, call centers, direct mailings or social media. The insurer optimizes its customer relationship management in a value-oriented way across all customer contact points, products, and organizational units.
  • Real-time marketing - and online marketing. Listen, understand, and interact – through analytically validated insights from a permanent exchange with and between its customers, insurance companies bring the system into the mumbo-jumbo of social media and thus create the basis for a successful real-time interaction in marketing, service, and sales.
  • Marketing strategies and planning. From finding the right strategy to allocating the budget and optimization of the campaign and its implementation. With IMM the insurer can orient themselves at the most important performance measures. All strategic and planning requirements can be called, to design marketing programs from start to finish.
  • Reinvestment management. German insurance companies pay around 35 billion euros annually for outgoing capital insurance - a huge outflow of funds, which offers ample potential for new business. With IMM, reinvestment processes can be analytically optimized, customer dialogue can be made sustainable - and consequently, reinvestment rates consistently increased.