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Enhancing your Confluence experience -
that is what Refined Theme for Confluence is all about. Even though the Swedish developers now have a number of great products, it all started with Refined Theme.

Customize the look-and-feel of Confluence, choose from a number of pre-built themes or match it to your companies CI, tailor dashboards and space layouts to your needs, but most importantly - organize and structure Confluence content by using categories and sub-categories. In our experience a lot of Confluence customers suffer from redundancies and adoption difficulties due to the lack of structure. Confluence has a great search engine, but accessing and sharing information, as well as creating new spaces and pages is much simpler and more productive if the system is set up with an easily navigable structure.

We have always received great support from the Refined team, know them personally, are experts at implementing their products and recommend them to all of our customers.
Below you'll find some Refined highlights:

Brand your experience
Make Confluence more efficient by adding content to categories and subcategories. Connect users and user groups to categories and assign roles so identifying team members and seeing who's responsible for what, is easy.

Customize Confluence to fit your needs. Add dashboards to categories and subcategories and edit space layouts for greater flexibility. Whether it’s a collaboration tool, a documentation site or a fully fledged Intranet.
The ThemeEditor gives you the power to style your Confluence to match your company brand in a few clicks. And you don’t have to use the same theme everywhere, mix and match to suit the different areas of your site.

More details
Built by RefinedWiki, a top-selling Atlassian vendor.

Over 2500 companies from over 90 countries use RefinedTheme to improve the User Interface of Confluence. As one of the earliest App in the Marketplace RefinedTheme has built a reputation as a trusted and reliable tool.

RefinedTheme makes team collaboration and communication neat and organized with improved design, categorisation and customization of Confluence.

The result is a number of wins for your team:

  • Increase in company wide Confluence adoption.
  • Healthy team collaboration and communication.
  • Tailored company site the whole team can use and enjoy.
  • Content intuitively organized and easy to navigate.
  • No need for support or consultation during setup and operation.
  • Consistent branding both internally and externally.
  • A choice of neat designs that not only improves the feel, but also the look.
  • Ultimately RefinedTheme creates a user experience that the whole team can enjoy.

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