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Insight - Asset Management for Jira

We had discussed building a CMDB for Jira for years but the team at Riada beat us to it and we take a bow to their development of a great and very important product. In our opinion, Insight is the first affordable CMDB on the market and - because of its direct integration in Jira - takes ITSM and other processes to the next level. As Jira Service Desk experts, Insight offers us (and our customers) an incredible spectrum of selectable assets (objects) in the customer portal.

First and foremost are, of course, the ITSM possibilities. If your company is at all interested in ITIL methodology, the world’s most widely recognized framework for ITSM, you need a CMDB. Without a CMDB, efficient and effective change and problem management are virtually impossible to accomplish. Until now, however, CMDBs, their implementation and maintenance were prohibitively expensive and pretty much reserved for large organizations. Everyone else had to make compromises. Insight for Jira is a most needed, affordable solution for a company of any size.

Using Insight, the possibilities don't have to end with ITSM - it can be easily integrated into an untold number of processes e.g. CRM, HR, Finance, Legal, Production and Products, Warehousing or Administration to name a few.

Our team recommends Insight for all Jira installations and are more than happy to answer any implementation questions.
Below you'll find some more highlights:


Powerful integration with Jira Service Desk

Respond faster and make better decisions - Increase governance and reduce operational risk - Improve asset utilization with proactive asset management. Insight provide dependency mapping and impact analysis.
The Insight custom fields gives you access to the asset structure in Insight. Drill down the object types to find the asset you want to associate your Jira issue to. Great search and filtering capabilities.
The asset catalogue should be a natural part of the Service Desk functionality in Jira! Integrate Insight with Jira Service Desk to enable asset selection in the customer portal.

More details

Insight unleashes the power of Enterprise Asset Management with the Atlassian platform. It provides the CMDB functionality you need for ITSM with Atlassian but also a lot of other areas.

  • IT-teams use insight to control assets like servers, computers, phones, accessories etc.
  • Software teams use Insight to manage release information like software components, packages and versions.
  • Business teams use Insight to manage onboarding of employees, financial information, marketing & legal assets and more.

Some of the features in Insight

  • Import (LDAP, CSV, TEMPO, Users & Components)
  • Powerful Automation
  • Unlimited Assets, Attributes & References
  • Graphical Explorer
  • Insight Permission Scheme
  • Object Type Hierarchies
  • Printing of QR Codes & Labels
  • Advanced Insight Custom Fields
  • Conditions and Validators
  • Insight Query Language
  • Open API’s

The creators of Insight was awarded 2015 with the Atlassian President’s Award: Technical Excellence
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