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Challenge the future with KNIME

Data analysis and data-driven decisions are getting increasingly important for a successful company.


What began with banks and insurance companies has spread into a huge variety of businesses. Companies of different fields continue to develop complex processes and data structures for product optimisation and corporate management. These increasing data flows pose a challenge for many companies however. On the one hand, the competition forces companies to use more intelligent and efficient methods. On the other hand, there have always been historical data structures that need to coexist with the emerging solutions. One of the tools that meets both requirements is the KNIME Analytics Platform.

KNIME helps you to bring your data analysis to a new level and discover hidden potentials of your data. Not only does it provide a graphical interface to develop intuitive data flows, it also gives you a huge variety of connectors, that make data from different sources available for import and data manipulation procedures. These can be text files, tables, images, networks or even Hadoop based data structures (Data Blending).

Beitragsbild Analytics WorkflowOften, multiple tools are involved in processes that have been developing over a long time. The data transfer between these different tools costs unneccessary time and resources. To avoid this, you can create a data flow in KNIME that includes scripts in Java, R, Python and many other languages (Tool Blending). The graphical interface also makes the process documentation easier and sometimes even expendable.

Over 1.000 modules provide a variety of data mining methods. With only basic knowledge you can choose between linear and logarithmic regression, decision trees, neuronal networks, different clustering methods and many more depending on your problem. To find the optimal model you can easily explore and compare the results in KNIME.

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