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Get more done with sumUp for Jira

sumUp Server Version 3.0 provides new and advanced features. The App now supports two new read only custom fields –  “sumUp Progress Custom Field” and “sumUp Text Custom Field” – and enhances the App’s possibilities of summation. These new field types display calculated totals directly on any issue type screen (e.g. Epics) and can also be used in gadgets and the issue navigator.

SUM Doc 005 7The sumUp Text Custom Field allows, among other features, getting and display the total number of linked issues, the total number of issues in a project or the total of any number field based on a JQL query.

With sumUp Progress Custom Field different progress styles can be displayed on any issue type screen:

  •   the number of resolved/unresolved issues returned by a predefined JQL query
  • SUM Doc 005 de  the associated status categories (To-Do, In Progress, Done)
  •   Time tracking information (estimated, remaining and logged time).

Both custom fields display a visual and a textual summation of the desired values and can be configured with field security permissions for project roles, groups and individual users.

Fields are configured by adding a new advanced custom field type in the normal Jira custom field administration and setting up the associated JQL, sumUp and permission rules.

The fields also support the extended  JQL query commands “currentIssueKey” and “currentProjectKey” to allow for generic field usage.

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