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Space Tools Pro for Confluence

The Swiss army knife for Confluence content management


Space Tools Pro for Confluence has been designed with a single goal - to save you time while you can focus on what matters - your content.

Confluence is built on spaces and pages, and these key elements need careful management if the goal is to collaborate on meaningful and up-to-date information. The more you dive into Confluence content management, the more challenges you will face on a daily basis.

Space Tools Pro fills these gaps and hands you the tools to manage Confluence Cloud like a pro - from quickly creating or renaming pages to copying an entire space - all done with a few clicks in a consolidated view.

Image: The Space Tools Pro monster app icon on the Decadis X

A new central gateway to Confluence content

The space navigator is your central gateway to access all relevant Confluence content. What was previously scattered across a number of places now has a single, consolidated home.

Browse through spaces and managecreateeditcopy and delete content from one central place for maximum efficiency and ease of use.

Manage your content like a pro

Space Tools Pro will help you to speed up your content management and take the pain out of common tasks.

Create, re-order, rename and delete pages in no time or simply move them using drag & drop them across spaces.

Want to save even more time? Perform actions on multiple pages at once with bulk actions.

Manage your spaces like a pro

Need to manage multiple spaces? The space navigator is your one-stop shop for creatingrenaming or even copying spaces - yes, you can really copy entire spaces with just a few clicks.



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