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Smart Fields for Jira

Access, enrich and customize your issue data and display the live results in calculated custom fields


Smart Fields for Jira ships with two custom field types to return text or number values - dynamically composed using a powerful expression editor, best known from our best-rated Jira app Jira Workflow Toolbox.

From the number of open sub-tasks in a release to the prediction of delivery dates - if the data is there, and it likely is under the hood, Smart Fields for Jira can find and map it. The possibilities and use cases are infinite.

Image: The Smart Fields for Jira monster app icon on the Decadis X

Two powerful custom field types for all your needs

Effortlessly access and visualize data as text or numbers. Even the data that is hidden deep in Jira. The set of functions in the editor and a large selection of use cases make it easy to get started.

Smart Fields for Jira ships with two universal and dynamic custom field types for all kinds of needs.

  • Smart number fields to display any kind of number, such as the number of open subtasks, unresolved or blocking issues
  • Smart text fields to display additional information such as details of the issue creator, historic due dates

Dynamic values in issues, dashboard gadgets & JQL

Don't stop at calculating values and displaying live data. Manipulate it for more complex calculations and text compositions too. Display formats allow you even to define what the output will look like.

The spectrum ranges from simply displaying text from various sources, such as issue comments from linked issues, to complex calculations of accumulated time spent on related epics.

Monitor and troubleshoot smart custom fields

Every execution of Smart Fields is being tracked in a dedicated execution log. So you no longer need to dig deep into Jira when hunting for bugs in your expressions.



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