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Jira Workflow Toolbox

More than just workflows - the best-rated Jira app and your all-in-one toolbox for limitless workflow customization, process automation and live data display


Enjoy an unparalleled user experience while implementing and automating your day-to-day processes - from reporting for the financial department and meeting the most complex governance needs, to simply saving a ton of time and reducing human error through automation. You only need one app.

  • Workflows - the largest collection of built-in workflow extensions on the market
  • Automation - a highly flexible, event-based automation engine to break the workflow chains
  • Calculated fields - three built-in custom field types to calculate and display issue and project data in real-time

Each feature is built on an easy-to-use user interface that guides the admin through the configuration steps. Built-in examples and an extensive in-app handbook provide the right level of guidance, just when you might need it.

Image: The Jira Workflow Toolbox monster app icon on the Decadis X

Turn ideas into workflows: without code or scripts

JWT for Jira massively extends the native workflow functionality available in Jira by offering more than 50 custom conditions, validators, and post functions.

Control the availability of transitions extremely powerful conditions and validators. Automate repetitive or manual tasks with JWT post functions while creating, transitioning, and updating issues and issue fields. Meet advanced requirements using conditional logic in post functions to only automate certain actions if the timing is right. 

All control in a single place

JWT ships with a powerful expression parser providing hundreds of built-in functions. Instead of writing and maintaining scripts, use easy-to-read and well-documented functions like subtask() or count() and robust field codes make accessing and processing any issue data a breeze.

It offers an intuitive, guided configuration with built-in examples, auto-complete & easy testing, and an in-app function reference in one place with your issue's core data and historic values at your fingertips.

Rule-based automation in Jira: quick and easy

JWT automation rules unleash the real power of the JWT expression parser. The number of use cases for automatic recurring tasks is almost endless and so are the capabilities of automation rules.

Setting up an automation rule is straightforward using the built-in drag and drop visual editor. Choose from a big set of system triggers (e.g. a field is updated by a user), control the scope of the execution using conditions and selectors, and define which action should be performed automatically. Or schedule rules to run at a predefined interval or execute them manually with a single click.

Show live data in custom fields: never out of sync

JWT ships with three custom field types to calculate field values, display live data, or even pull data from online service providers such as Google.

The foundation of each field is a JWT parser expression where you can choose from hundreds of built-in functions to enable even complex date, time and numeric calculations, as well as text compositions.



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