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Automation Toolbox for Jira

Automate and control your processes in Jira and now as an integral part of Jira Workflow Toolbox

Effective in April 2020 Automation Toolbox for Jira will be fully integrated into our top rated app Jira Workflow Toolbox

Automation Toolbox for Jira (ATJ) provides the capability to easily configure unique event or schedule based transactions or jobs, allowing for flexibility on an instance-wide scale you need.


Triggers define whether or not a Rule should be executed. Triggers are generally based on field, issue, project or system events, but can also be scheduled to only execute at certain times.

Selectors & Conditions

Selectors provide the ability to search for specific issues within a Rule and then take Actions against those issues found. Conditions provide the ability to further refine and control processing.


Actions determine the type of field, issue, transition, comment or mail processing that should take place. You can add as many Actions as you need.



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