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Admin Toolbox for Jira

BE EFFICIENT – work like the pro that you are


Built by Jira Administrator for Jira Administrators – with useful tools and functions that will make you even more efficient

Search through your Jira administration

Double press 'd' on any Jira page and search through your Jira administration for projects, issue types, workflows, screens, system & custom fields, priorities, statuses, resolutions, issue links and all other schemes.

Workflow analysis report

Validate app usage within workflows by using the workflow report. Filter workflows by App Vendor and function. Display errors in the workflow configuration, for instance deleted custom fields. Made for Jira Admins.

Copy conditions, validators & post functions

Copy conditions, validators, post functions & complete transitions from the current or any other active or inactive workflows. Sort conditions & post functions with drag & drop. Better handling for workflow properties.



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