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Welcome to the monster family - Automation Toolbox for Jira

In the beginning there was Jira Workflow Toolbox (JWT) and now, almost ten years after the initial public release, used by more than 4000 active customers and 140 versions later, comes its natural descendant: 

Automation Toolbox for Jira.

NEW automation 300px

The xApps team took a long time planning the development of Automation Toolbox for Jira as this new app had some very major prerequisites to fulfill - namely providing as much known and proven JWT functionality as possible in a non-workflow environment. It has been a daunting task, but, we hope for you as a user, worthwhile. Even though you need no prior knowledge of JWT to use AutomationToolbox for Jira, you can depend on the functionality designed and developed with many years of Jira app experience.     

Where JWT has used the slogan "Turn your ideas into workflows" for many years, Automation Toolbox for Jira will hopefully help you to "Turn your ideas into automation rules" wherever and whenever these are appropriate. The possible use cases are endless. 

To get started, try evaluating Automation Toolbox for free, use the 50% Early Bird discount or simply browse the official documentation or get in touch!



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