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Jira Workflow Toolbox release 2.4.6

Insight Custom Fields introduced in Insight version 5.4 are now supported to be written with JWT post functions

Version 2.4.6 Jira Server 6.3 - 7.11.1

Support for new Insight Object custom field types and Bug fixes

  • Bug fixes

    • Numeric field code injectors don't show any the following field types: Date, Date-Time and Priority.
    • Field code injectors in calculated fields are showing unwanted field codes associated to transition executions (eg. Transition's comment).
    • We removed one of the examples of custom display format for Numeric Calculated Fields which was wrong.
    • Cascading select comparer throws an error when an empty configuration of it is saved.
    • Format field value post-function was interpreting the replacement string parameter as a regular expression instead of a string literal.
    • Parameter replacement at parser functions replaceFirst(string, regex, replacement) and replaceAll(string, regex, replacement) was being interpreted as a regex instead of a string literal.


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