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Jira Workflow Toolbox News - October 2019

With Jira Workflow Toolbox 2.7.0 we ship new features that have been requested by a lot of you in the past and have been in our backlog ever since.
Any idea what we might mean?

We'd like to introduce to you the new Fields required* validator and condition!
So this release is something special for us and we're sure you'll like it, too.

The new validator and condition

We have completely reworked the A field is/isn't initialized or has/hasn't been modified validator and A field is/isn't initialized condition in JWT.

We started by making the naming and purpose clearer:
The "A field is/isn't initialized or has/hasn't been modified" validator has been renamed to Fields required or changed.
And the "A field is/isn't initialized" condition has been renamed to Fields required.

Next, we added the possibility to validate multiple fields to each function. Meaning your users will be pointed to every field not matching the criteria of a validation at once instead of having to work through multiple validators.

And the final big news is:
We're putting a red asterisk* next to every required field on transition screens. Along with validating multiple fields at once, this is a huge improvement for your users and will help you to make their Jira experience even better.


So what's there to do for you after updating to 2.7?
Nothing in particular! Your existing configurations of the A field is/isn't initialized condition and validator will persist and we just add the red asterisk* to required fields on the transition screens.

But if you want to take full advantage of the improved Fields required functions we recommend re-evaluating your current configuration and consolidate multiple old validators into a single new one.
To help you with this, we'd like to suggest using Admin Toolbox for Jira's workflow report, which can lead you to any transition that is using these conditions and validators (and post functions as well, of course) - basically, any functions used in your Jira workflows.

Additional improvements and bug fixes

But the news is not limited to that.
The Move issues post function does now support delayed execution, giving you more control over even the most complex post function configurations in your workflows.
And at the same time, we fixed a bug which caused the post function to produce corrupt issues when the status was changed without changing the workflow.

The Send an email post function will now filter out all inactive users and email addresses with an incorrect format before sending the mail.


Head over to the release notes to get a full picture of all the changes and fixes we introduce with Jira Workflow Toolbox 2.7.0.

Do you have ideas for more improvements? Many new features and ideas for improvements come directly from customer feedback.
So get in touch or tweet us at @xAppsByDecadis to share yours.



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