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Jira Workflow Toolbox News - January 2020

Happy New Year to you from the xApps team!

We have recharged our batteries during the holiday season and are thrilled to kick off 2020 with some great news about Jira Workflow Toolbox.

JWT is now available for Jira Cloud

We recently released Jira Workflow Toolbox for Jira Cloud which is now available as a free app on the Atlassian Marketplace.
We decided to offer the app for free for now for a number of reasons. One reason is the scope of the initial release which comprises of a substantial subset of features which we figured to be most useful when enriching your workflows.
Jira Workflow Toolbox for Jira Cloud is currently offering the following post functions:

On top of that, the initial release ships with both a powerful condition and a validator:

We strongly believe that a large set of potential use cases can yet be achieved using any of the offered functions. Either way we will continuously add new features to the app.
Speaking of the further development of the app, another reason to offer the app for free at this time is that we are keen to collect your feedback to steer the future development.


Our public roadmap is available in the documentation and gives you an overview of the topics we are working on and topics we want to tackle in the future. Please note that due to the differences between the Server/Data Center and the Cloud platform and technical limitations, we cannot implement every feature the way you are used to from Server or Data Center app.  But we strive to make the experience of using JWT on all platforms as similar as possible.

So what does it look like?

In the course of the cloud release, we have completely redesigned the user interface focusing on these areas:

  1. The configuration interface is now easier to use while offering all the features in a streamlined and appealing view
  2. If you're new to building workflows, you can start with the built-in example configurations we provide in a panel on the right in every workflow function
  3. A quick link for the documentation of the expression parser and a feedback form are also available in a dedicated panel

We also took care of the display of configured conditions, validators and post functions in the workflow editor.
The new UI gives you an impression of what you can expect for JWT on Server/Data Center this year.

Get started right away


So what could be your next steps? Let us help you with our suggestions:

  1. Are you already using Jira Cloud? If not, create your Jira Cloud instance for free online.
  2. Check out the Atlassian Marketplace listing or navigate to your Jira settings to install the app.
  3. Make yourself familiar with the app by reading our documentation which is available here.
  4. Turn your ideas into workflows.

Now supporting Configuration Manager for Jira

Migrating your JWT enhanced workflows and Jira configurations from one instance to another has just become really easy.
With the latest release 2.8.0, we added support for Botron Software's Configuration Manager for Jira.


All our workflow elements and custom fields are supported and field codes will be updated to their corresponding values in the target instance. 
Please head over to our documentation to read about the few minor exceptions where your attention is currently needed.
We already teamed up with Botron Software team to resolve these soon.

Which app is an Atlassian Staff Pick?

Jira Workflow Toolbox is! After making it onto the list of top workflow management apps on the Atlassian marketplace, JWT was recently selected as Staff Pick by Atlassian. Hooray!


Thank you so much for using JWT! We are highly motivated, the roadmap is packed, and this year there are great things in the work for you.

- the xApps team

Do you have ideas for more improvements? Many new features and ideas for improvements come directly from customer feedback.
So get in touch or tweet us at @xAppsByDecadis to share yours.



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