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Jira Workflow Toolbox News - April 2019

The entire team has been really busy during the last few weeks, but now we are back from Summit 2019 in Las Vegas and are happy to share the latest news about JWT with you.

Selected highlights

  • JWT 2.5.0 release (see the full release notes)
    • Move issues on transition using the Move issues post function
    • Support for IDs in status, resolutions, issue types, options, priorities, projects, custom field options
    • New library for JWT (shared with Automation Toolbox for Jira)
  • JWT is now listed as one of the "Top workflow management apps"

JWT 2.5.0 release

Version 2.5.0 ships with a number of highly requested features:

Move issues post function

While being able to read or write almost all fields - standard and custom - in Jira, create and transition issues, one functionality was missing so far: moving issues, i. e. changing the project or the issue type.

By popular demand, we're happy to announce we're finally closing this gap by releasing our brand new Move Issues post function. Starting with a robust set of capabilities, we will further improve this function and add more options in the future.

Support for IDs in expressions

Although the renaming of standard objects, e.g. issues types, statuses, resolutions etc., or custom field options might not be considered best practice, it's unavoidable sometimes.

To ensure your expressions aren't affected by those changes, we're introducing the support for IDs regarding those elements. From version 2.5.0 and above you are able to use status(1) instead of "Open" or option(10001) instead of "Option A".

New library added to Jira Workflow Toolbox

Starting with version 2.5.0, Jira Workflow Toolbox is shipped together with a library called the xApps Library. This library bundles the core features of Jira Workflow Toolbox: our powerful Expression Parser as well as Virtual Fields support. Outsourcing this functionality enables us to draw on those features in several upcoming new apps, to provide you with more power with regard to automate and control Jira in one of the most flexible ways available on the Marketplace.

The first new app using the our library will be Automation Toolbox for Jira. Check out TwitterFacebook or our Homepage for news about our upcoming releases and apps.

Additional features

Use advanced parsing mode for composing meaningful error messages in all validators

It is now possible to use the powerful advanced parsing mode in validation error messages. This empowers you to create flexible, dynamic and meaningful validation error messages for your users that immediately hint to potential problems and therefore drastically improves the user experience. This mode supplements the already available basic mode, which only provides field replacements.

Support for parsed text to select transitions/statuses when transitioning issues

Improving our functions is something we love. To improve the Transition issues post function we added the possibility to transition the issue to a target status returned by a parsed expression or select a transition with the name returned by a parsed expression. 

Atlassian recognizes JWT as a "Top workflow management app"

We are very proud to announce that JWT has made it onto the list of recognized top workflow management apps on the Atlassian marketplace

image 2

We wouldn't have made it without you!
So thank you from the entire xApps team.

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