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Jira Workflow Toolbox release 2.4.8

This is the last release compatible with Jira 6.3 - 7.2.15

Version 2.4.8 Jira Server 6.3 - 7.12.2

New features

  • Target issue selection in Log work post function
  • Parser rendering language can now be changed, the default setting is the Jira indexing language.


New expressions in the parser

  • attachmentUrls(), attachmentUrls(issue list issue_list), attachmentUrls(string list attachments_regexp), attachmentUrls(issue list issue_list, string list attachments_regexp) - all functions return URLs to the selected attachment


Bug fixes

  • Transition issues post function view was broken after renaming the target workflow.
  • Validation error messages now show up correctly at the selected field on the "Create issue" screen.
  • Function projectCategory() now returns the project category instead of null.
  • The transition of linked issues is now working without a selected Issue Link Filter in the Transition issues post function.
  • Clear field value option is now working for the Watchers field.
  • {Date and Time of resolution} now returns the correct date even if the issue history has no entry for issue resolution date.
  • Changing a value for a selected field in the fields to update section did not show up in the configuration of the Create issues and subtasks post function.
  • Setting epic link did not create the change history entry in the epic and threw an error in the log.
  • Converting from string to number bug, the exponent 10 got cut off


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