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Automation Toolbox for Jira News - September 2019

This release is all about improving the way you work with Automation Toolbox for Jira.
We added new features to help you automate even more tasks and easily test and deploy your rules.

Get more done with additional actions

There's already a lot you can achieve with actions in Automation Toolbox for Jira. In this release, we shipped three brand new actions to keep you automating.
As of now you can automate logging work and setting or removing issue links. And as a side effect, setting issue links is now also supported when creating issues.

Find out more about the Log Work, Create Issue Link and Delete Issue Link action in our documentation.

Improved usability in many places

Automation for Jira 1.1.0 includes a lot of improvements to make your life easier.
We added a lot of tweaks, such as the possibility to inherit field values when creating new issues. You can now provide the values you need right from the start - with only one click.


You will also notice that parser expressions are now easier to read when viewing a rule so you can better distinguish them from other configuration settings.

You asked, we listened! The result of Scheduled rules could feel like a black box so far and testing them wasn't as comfortable as we would have liked it to be.
The new manual trigger enables you to run a single cycle of a rule and check the results.


Last but not least, we introduced a dialogue to discard any unsaved changes instead of just closing the configuration panel. This way you will never accidentally lose any changes you made to a rule.

Find the right field using IDs

We upped every field injector drop-down in Automation Toolbox for Jira because we are aware that you know your system by heart.
You are breathing field IDs and [00057] is not just any number to you?
From now on every system and custom field can be found via their ID in the field injector drop-down.


Of course, searching a field by name is still an option.

Simply transfer and share your rules

It's recommended to test complex rules on a staging environment before deploying them onto a production system.
To make the process as smooth as possible, rules can now be exported as JSON file or copied as code snippet directly from the menu.


Simply import the file or paste the code snippet and you're all set to run the run in a different environment.

Now approved for Jira Data Center instances

As of this release, Automation Toolbox for Jira is Data Center approved. To get the full picture of what we shipped in version 1.1.0, head over to the full release notes.

Do you have ideas for more improvements? Many new features and ideas for improvements come directly from customer feedback.
So get in touch or tweet us at @xAppsByDecadis to share yours.



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